Canine Total Hip Replacement In Malaysia

Total Hip Replacement Surgery for Dogs

 Total Hip Replacement(THR) surgery is a highly specialized surgical procedure to replace a faulty or worn out hip joint with a new artificial joint designed to last the lifetime of our canine family member ;providing a highly functional hip that helps alleviate pain and allows them to have the normal active lifestyle they deserve.

     This procedure is now an option for dogs living in MalaysiaKota Damansara Veterinary Centre is the first Veterinary Centre qualified to perform this procedure and have started offering this as a surgical option for clinical cases in Malaysia starting 2022. Prior to this, Degenerative Joint Disease (DJD) of the hip joint has often caused our canine friends to live with pain, constant discomfort and inactivity. The reluctance to move around is due to the pain and weakness felt on their back legs. Treatment options available are mostly palliative and pain management providing some relief to the dogs and provides functional mobility to a certain extent.

           With the availability of THR as a treatment option for dogs in Malaysia, they now have the chance to undergo a curative procedure that allows them to return to the pain-free state while restoring 100% hip function allowing them to be active as how dogs are meant to be. THR at Kota Damansara Veterinary Centre uses the Swiss made Kyon Total Hip Replacement Implants, currently at its 7th generation implant system. This swiss made technology has come a long way since its first introduction in the late 1990s. Utilizing a cementless method and engineered to last the lifetime of the dog, this is the preferred implant technology for performing a Total Hip Replacement Surgery.

           Indications for THR include mainly Canine Hip Dysplasia & Hip Arthritis, with some lesser degree Hip Luxation & Fractures involving the femoral head & neck. Current recommendation for THR is to perform the surgery as early as possible (as soon as patient has reached skeletal maturity) as preserving the muscle mass and surrounding bone structures contribute to a better outcome and less complications. Complication rates are kept low with the newest implant system and patients are expected to make a full recovery allowing them to sprint, run and do agility pain free, as per normal dogs do.

             Presurgical consultations and radiographic screenings are required to assess the suitability to receive this implant and to help you understand the procedure more. Selection criteria are highly specific and thorough discussions will be necessary prior to performing this surgery. Kindly call us for an appointment and consultation, and have your pet fasted (8 hours at least) to facilitate examination and screening tests. We can be reached at 03-61435988 or watsapp us at 012-2168184